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I have Sleep Apnea, now what?

So you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea...whats next?Your next step is a comprehensive consultation with our dental sleep specialist. During this appointment, we will obtain a detailed sleep history, review your home sleep study results, perform a physical examination (which includes impressions, measurements, and dental records), and discuss your various treatment options that are best suited for you.

If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea, an oral appliance therapy is a great treatment option. Oral appliances move the lower jaw forward, opening the upper airway, reducing your snoring and treating sleep apnea. Oral Appliances are customized to you using physical impressions and molds of your teeth. These models recreate your bite and are sent to a dental lab where the appliance is made.

Once your oral appliance is ready, you will return Raphaelson Dental Associates for a fitting. Typical turn around time is about 2-3 weeks. When your device is ready our dental sleep professionals will adjust the appliance to ensure its comfort and effectiveness. You also will learn how to clean the oral appliance and maintain it.

After this fitting, you will come in for 30 minute follow up appointments to make any minor adjustments or address any complications. Because medications and symptoms change, and adjustments are made over time, close follow-up is a crucial part of the successful long-term treatment of our patients. These appointments take place over a period of about 4-6 months. Each time a small advancement of your jaw will be increased until your symptoms have dissipated and your sleep goals have been met. Adjustments are done slowly so that there are fewer risks of side effects.

Treating obstructive sleep apnea with Oral Appliance therapy is very effective and will make you feel like a new person. Your symptoms and quality of life will improve if you are compliant with daily use. To ensure the efficacy of your device our sleep physicians recommend a titration sleep study with your device.

If you have symptoms of excessive day time sleepiness, schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals. Let us help you "Transform your sleep and Redefine your health".

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